Cayuga carriage, injury? *pictures*

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Mar 4, 2010
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Not sure where to post this...I posted in Ducks but I guess here would be better?

Sorry all for bombarding you with these questions, could be I'm just a little overprotective. I noticed that the Cayuga that I had wrapped up for a few days to correct her twisted wing now walks a bit lower to the ground than the other 3 ducks, more like a rouen? Could she just be stiff from being wrapped and needs a little while to loosen up again or is this a concern? I hope I didn't mess up while trying to solve a minor issue.
I really appreciate your help. Worried...

Could she just be FAT? This is the same slug muncher I've been posting about so maybe it's catching up with her weight-wise. If so, how do I go about a duckie diet without bothering the other 3. They are all perfectly healthy.

Here are some photos...notice the bump on her chest?

Here you can compare her with the other 3...???

This is them walking, she is still like that...

Someone please help?
Holy crow, it looks like she has ten giant banana slugs in her crop!! Well, ducks don't have large crops like chickens, but a dilation in their mid esophagus that sort of functions like one.

My first guess in an impaction. Except you don't report her having any symptoms other than walking low.

I don't think it's over worrying, something ain't right there. Pick her up and palpate that enlarged area. Is it hard or soft? Like a balloon? Does it move around when you palpate it?

I think ducks and geese get fat more in their internal organs, between their legs and around their vents, not in the front.

ETA: when you get hold of her, check her breath. It should smell clean (or like grasses or feed). It should not smell sour or bad.
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Thanks Kim, I'll check her. Now that I know what possibilities might be, I can check up on it. I really appreciate your help!
Oh I forgot to add, I did check her and she feels normal. She looks like if she walke up taller she wouldn't have the "belly" but she walks so low...
I don't know why or what to do.
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