CBM eggs, and CB x Copper Blue roo @@@@@ ALL SOLD! @@@@@

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Mar 29, 2008
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I have two separate pens of Copper Black Marans. One is Bev Davis. The hens are huge, gentle and fully feathered. The rooster is blue copper, VERY BIG and also extremely gentle and even tolerates a younger cockerel that I put in with him and his girls, because I was short on space, (The cockerel is not crowing yet, and not breeding hens.) Nice birds, BIG dark eggs.

The other pen is my bayhorsebonne line. They are Wade Gene and Ron Presley based line. My rooster in that pen is my best CBM roo of all. He is everything I ever wanted in a CBM rooster. You can see a pic of him on my website. I do not have pics of the Bev Davis birds up yet. The roo is moulting and looks like he was hit with a weed whacker right at this time... poor guy. I love him though...

Anyhow, if you were wanting CBM eggs and couldn't decide which lines to go with, here is your chance to try them both side by side and see which you like best. Eggs are $5/apiece, mix 'n match however you want. There are more bayhorsebonne eggs available than Bev Davis.

Shipping and delivery confirmation is $11
Fertility has been fantastic and here is a thread about someone who recently hatched eggs from me.
Also available, a few F2 mille fleur cochin project eggs, a few BBS Silkie eggs, and eight Show-chin eggs. Those little eggs are $20/dozen.
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The Bev Davis eggs are sold, one or two more a day being laid.
The F2 mille cochin eggs, sold, they are barely laying off and on.
My olive egger laid an egg yesterday after a thwarted attempt at going broody. She usually lays every day once she gets going good.
I still have a dozen bayhorsebonne CBM eggs.
Today only $25/dozen, shipping extra ($11 priority plus delivery confirmation)
I have three silkie eggs but waiting to hear if they will be combined with another order.

Thanks to those that bought. Good luck in your hatches! Keep us posted!
All the CBM eggs are sold, the F2 eggs are sold. Silkies, gone. All that is left are the Show-chin eggs, reduced to $1/egg, if they sell in the next hour or so. otherwise, it's potato salad. These are the last of the show chin eggs. Sold my mottled flock this week.
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