CCM or Australorp chicks?


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Jan 16, 2009
I've never had either, and was told it could be one or the other from the egg shipper. Thanks for looking!
Or do I have one of each? We had a confusing hatch (at night when asleep) with breeds we have never had before. Lol

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What's a CCM? I don't think the chick facing away is an Australorp because that chick is barred (or cuckoo) & I have never heard of barred Australorps.
Can't properly see the colour of the other chick.
I also believe that the chick with its head away from the camera is a barred.

And the face on the one looking at the camera just throws me.

Sorry I couldnt be of more help.
Lol, sorry I thought CCM was a given for cuckoo maran.

Here's a better (I hope) pic of both chicks.

Chick #1

Chick #2
What color were the eggs? Did you have some dark brown eggs? Cuckoo marans eggs should be a dark brown, while the BA eggs would be a light brown.

The barred one looks like it could be a cuckoo maran - it's definitely not a BA. Does the other chick have a white headspot also? Does it have any yellow? It has BA markings, but my BA chicks are black & yellow, not black & white (but.... maybe some are black/white - no yellow?).
Both of these babies are black and white, no yellow on them what so ever. We'll just wait and see how they grow up as to what they are. Thanks for everyone's help though!
We love mysteries! lol

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