Cecal poop more often than every 8-10 poops?


6 Years
Jul 15, 2016
I have seven 2 1/2 month old chicks that I've raised since they were a few days old and they all seem extremely healthy and energetic with a good appetite. I've noticed recently that some of them are having "softer" poop and I'm not sure if I'm just seeing them poop out their cecal poop or if they are just having diarrhea. I do see most of them pooping normal poop but I'm not in the run with them all day so it might just be a coincidence and I'm just seeing cecal poop, I was just wondering if it was cecal poop or diarrhea. I live in California so it's been pretty warm for a while now since I got them and maybe they've been drinking more water than normal and that's why it's softer?

This was from my EE and I just saw her poop normally 5 minutes ago so I just wanted to confirm I'm just seeing cecal poop because I'm paranoid with these chickens getting sick after my last group of chickens got sick and died from avian flu last year. Thanks for your input!
That doesn't really look like cecal poop... cecal poop is black and tarry. I am from California and i understand the hot weather. I have also seen this kind of poop with my chickens here in WV which is also quite warm... i personally would not worry, but you may want to research more :)
Thanks for replying, I think I'm just being paranoid. The other soft poop was darker and more together like not as watery. I think it's the heat because now it's cooled down some as it around 7 and their poop seems all normal except a few of the cecal ones.
Now that looks like cecal poop! I tend to worry (a lot)... so i just figure that it's REALLY unlikely that my chickens are always dying from some obscure disease :p
Lol I try to be positive and not worry but I haven't had the best luck raising chicks in my first year (last year) my 10 chicks and two turkeys had fowl pox, crookneck, and avian flu... So I'm pretty paranoid with these guys

And there's another
Mine are passing poop just like this. They have respiratory and purple combs. Oxytet cleared some of it up but the poop still looks really off. What happened with your flock? Did you find out what was causing this?

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