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  1. MNmommy

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    Mar 14, 2009
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    I went to the site that had all the poop pics and it looks like my one chicken has had cecal poop for a couple days. It is very runny orange/brown and stinks so bad. My question is, is this normal or should I do something for it? The chick is 3 weeks old and has been eating and acting fine. Not sure if any others are doing it. I will have to keep an eye in it. They are just eating chick starter and a little ground oatmeal for treats once in a while. Just want to make sure it is normal or not. I know I have been keeping the brooder a little warmer than it should but they are bantams and always huddled and sleeping on top of each other.


  2. welovechickens

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    Mar 7, 2009
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    I think some chicks have cecal poops more often than others. It DOES stink terribly! Blech. As long as the chickie is acting normal, I would say don't worry. [​IMG]

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