cedar poisoning?

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    Jun 18, 2008
    I have heard about this before but wondered what actually caused cedar poisoning...?
    My dad threw out a pile of old wood shaving in the chicken run (trying to attract bugs for them) we dont know what all differnt types of wood is in the pile but we know if there is any, there is very little cedar. But will even a little bit of cedar harm chickens? When do they start to react to it? and what should i watch for?
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    Quote:A little bit of cedar won't hurt chickens. Even a lot if it is WELL ventilated. The problem with cedar shavings have a lot of surface area and give off a gas, from the oils in the wood. So if they are in the run- no problem. In a small enclosed coop or brooder- maybe a different story.

    Imp- Cedar is used sometimes to repel bugs. [​IMG]

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