cedar shavings in coop

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    Oct 31, 2013
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    Well, after long hours of researching, and thank you for all the informative posts on BYC, I am on my way RIGHT NOW to pick up white pine shavings and remove the cedar shaving from my coop; all the research i did prior to getting my chicks, this topic eluded me. I have weighed all the posts, articles, and personal experiences from friends and believe that there is more evidence showing the dangers of using cedar bedding, I pray I havent done any damage to my girls, they have been in the coop for one week.
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    The more ventilation one has, the less of a problem it is with respiratory concerns but one is better off with pine rather than red cedar.
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    The problem with cedar is with the dust, a known respiratory irritant, not the odor of the wood.


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