cedar tree fell in yard, chickens eating it, is it toxic?


12 Years
Mar 7, 2010
My hens have an enclosed yard and coop inside of our fenced backyard. A cedar blew over into our fence into the back yard. My husband has sawed the tree off the fence and limbed it to get it out of the yard. Our hens are turned out of their enclosure and into the backyard. We noticed they are eating grass and some of the greenery and small branches of the tree debris left on the ground. I know the hens shouldn't have cedar shavings but don't know why. Is the cedar tree bad for them as well?

Cedar shavings are not recommended because they can out gas, and cause respiratory problems. I googled and found conflicting info about eating cedar. I think if you can rake it up and get rid of it, that might be wise. Good luck.

Thanks- I Googled it too but found conflicting info as well. We raked and then got the blower out and blew everything out of the yard that we could. I just wasn't sure if what they found and ate and find and eat will be really bad for them... and anything green is gone in a second, eaten by the girls. I appreciate the advice!
Without a bunch of screaming hits on google, I would think any toxicity would be minimal. So I think you'll be OK.


And think how good tour chickens will smell, and they'll repel moths too.

Sorry couldn't help myself.

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