Cemanis and 4H


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Nov 13, 2015
Jersey Shore
We are members of 4H and have been looking to add a new breed to our flock and are very interested in Cemanis. I have read that they are winter hardy and are a docile, friendly breed. Any information that can be passed along would be greatly appreciated.
I've looked into Cemanis to show in 4-H in the past. The only set-back for me was the fact that they are so rare and expensive. Greenfire Farms sells them, along with many other rare breeds, though they are extremely pricey ($200 a chick). I've heard of people selling hatching eggs on eBay that claim to be Cemanis, but aren't. If you get them, and want them to be pure-bred, you might want to pay the hefty amount of cash. I hope I could help!

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