Ceramic Standoff [Ideal for home made incubator] Pack of 4

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by Habibs Hens, May 25, 2012.

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    Her for sale i have a pack of 4 Cermaic Standoffs

    These are great to use for home made icubators to move the lement away from the sides of the incubator

    i have used them on mine and they are great

    Size of each standoff [All sizes aprox]

    Hight: 15.2mm [0.6in]

    Outside Diameter: 9.2mm [0.36in]

    Inside Diameter - Bore: 6mm [0.23in]

    I will Ship these in a pack of 4 that should suit every one as 4 is the standard number [i will also be happy to provide 5 [1 extra free] if it is needed

    Shipping will be Free anywhere that includes USA but will be sent standard delivery to USA unless you wish to pay for registered mail

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