chain link gate w/ welded wire fencing - how best to secure it?

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    We have a 42" wide chain link gate to use on our chicken run. The rest of it is going to be 2 x 4 welded wire (with small wire netting over it to reduce the holes). We are planning to cover the gate too (to make the holes smaller) but I was wondering if anyone has a setup like this and how you latched the gate plus fill the gaps between the fence posts and the gate. We have some ideas but nothing concrete yet.
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    Adjust the gate to fix the opening as best possible. If the gap is still too large fold a piece of hardware cloth to a 90 deg angle and fasten it to the hinge side of the gate and wire so it allows the gate full motion. As to the latch side, just overlap the wire across the gap on the outside so when the gate is closed and the wire is pushed on, it simply presses against the the fence tighter.

    Alturnate is a "puppy gate". Simply run the wire across the gate opening and you step over it
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    Apr 19, 2011
    Ours had a gap around the gate also. My husband took a piece of fence, it was called euro fence from Lowes, and attached hardware cloth 3 feet up from the bottom and then attached it to the gate. It overhung the side of the gate by about 4 - 5 inches enough to cover the gap around the gate. You can reach your fingers in the opening to lift the gate latch. We also used the euro fence to cover the top of the dog kennel. Our run is 20 feet by 6 feet. Everything was attached with zip ties.
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    Any ideas for a latch design? The post next to it will b a 4 x 4.
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    Quote:You can do a wooden strip on back side of the post for the gate to strike against. Because of the wind in my neighborhood I use a bar across the whole gate run through garage door handles on both sides.

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