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    Aug 29, 2007
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    okay, so I thought I would have a challenge keeping my new turkeys in the yard, but I thought that I would be okay for a few days while they were in the new coop. Brand spankin new coop that DH built me to my specifications. One thing I wanted, was natural lighting, so I asked for clear roofing ( you experienced turkey people are already laughing or shaking your head at me knowing where this is going, right?)
    I put the new birds in the brand new coop- and yeah- they tried to fly out the clear roof.
    Now... do I worry and try to figure something out fast before they break their necks, or do I relax and rest assured that they will learn soon enough and will stop testing my sun roofed new coop?
    How fast do turkeys learn? They are royal palms, nice sweet birds.

    I was going to post asking about how to keep turkeys in a six foot fenced area- but I am cooping them up for a few days or a week or so-- everyone is cooped up since it is a new coop... I guess I will tackle this first, and then worry about how to keep them in the yard when this period is over

    tips welcomed, otherwise I will update when we figure this out

    I asked DH to put some of the roosts really high, maybe I should ask for some lower ones too
    I am also mildly concerned that the turkeys might squash one of my smaller birds if they jump down:/
  2. KellyandKatie

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    Aug 29, 2007
    Kitsap County, WA
    okay, I think they only boinked their heads a couple times, but are now peacefully resting on their high roost (crossing my fingers that they caught on and I do not have to worry)
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    Nov 19, 2007
    My friend's turkey died because it repeatedly tried to fly out a closed window in the coop in the first 2 weeks it was there. Sorry to be such a bummer, but they CAN become injured. They have excellent eyesight. Is there some kind of tape or netting that you can lay over the roof to fool them into thinking it's not open?
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    Chickenannie is right. They will injure themselves or they just may realize that they are not getting out that way. Will they have access to the top of the coop? The reason I say this is because when the time comes and you let them (out) they are not like the chickens much to where they always go back to the coop at dusk. Becareful if you put netting up so that they don't get tangled in it. My turkeys would always fly on top. So I had to start shooing them with treats into the run earlier before they went to roost. Now I am down to a pair of BR's and they will go in on there own.
    I have also read that it is a waste of time to try cooping turkeys as they prefer outside roosting.
    Good luck and do let us know what you do about your sunroof.

    BTW another question you asked,, when my turkeys were younger they did get into the coop with the chickens and yes, as they got bigger I feared that they would squash my chickens when flying out and landing. It never happened but it crossed my mind like yours.

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