Champion Sebastopol


10 Years
Mar 2, 2009
Our sons 4 month old Sebastopol gander was champion Sebastopol at the Wisconsin International Open show this past weekend. Thanks to Butch Gunderson for such a great goose!!!!
I would love to see pics!

Here's the best advice I can give you. Snap LOTS of pictures. I usually take 20 pictures before I end up with one really good shot.
I started to ask this when this was first posted, but got interrupted in the middle of typing...where in Wisconsin is this show? I live near Madison and would love to go to such a thing but didn't know anything about it.
This show is every fall at the Portage fair grounds and it is called the Wisconsin International Poultry Show. You can check it out on the web. just type that in. I know exactly where you are located. I live around 5 miles away as a crow flies. My uncle used to own the place just to the east of you way back in the field (across the road) I have always liked your place even when they had cattle/sheep etc.

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