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    Mar 9, 2008
    Our daughter in Phoenix (elevation about 700ft) wants us to take some of her 1-2 year old flock. We live in the higher region of AZ where it's a little over 5300' in elevation. It gets below freezing regularly but my main concern is the altitude difference. Anyone foresee a problem?
  2. Oh wow, what a great question! (sadly, I have no idea what the effect of elevation is on chickens, so I am no help at all [​IMG] )
    I know what the effect is on people, tho, moving from sea level to over 6500ft. I had a headache for 6 months and could barely breathe for abut 3.
    I imagine there would be an effect on chickens, as well.
    Hopefull, some wisened veteran of chickens will chime in with a definitive answer for you. They know everything around here!

    Brightest Blessings

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