Change in laying scheduled.


5 Years
Mar 29, 2016
So a day or so ago I removed my makeshift nest boxes and roost and replaced both with proper ones and my hens have changed their egg laying scheduled and where they lay. On day one of the change they laid their eggs in the corner where the nest box was before (the new one is in the same spot just off the ground) I figured this was normal. However, on day two and three something else changed: the chickens are now laying their eggs in the run wherever they stand and for the past two days they have gone from laying at 8-12AM to 6-8PM. Could this be from me changing something in their habitat?

I guess it could be that one or two of the other pullets started laying? I know that they were not all laying before as I was getting about 11-13 eggs a week and that should be from two pullets give or take. They are about 6 months old and at first one was laying as I was getting an egg a day from eight pullets and now I am getting about two eggs a day. However yesterdays eggs were smaller and misshaped like I got from my pullets on their first week of lay. Maybe the other two took a break for a day or two and new ones are laying?

Anyway, anyone have any thoughts? New pullets laying or old pullets stressed from a change?

Thank you.


Mar 10, 2016
Do you have any fake eggs in the new nest boxes you installed? Try that so they will know where to lay. Yeah, chickens don't like change so it probably did throw off their schedule ... but they will adjust.

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