Change in wattle color?

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    Apr 22, 2008
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    Yesterday I noticed that my polish hen's wattles have suddenly grown larger and purplish. She normally has very short bright red ones so the change freaked me out a little bit and from reading some of the posts on here it sounds like I should be concerned.

    Other than the change in the wattle color she doesn't seem to have anything else wrong with her at the moment. She was hanging her mouth open and breathing a little hard but then it hot outside and all of my chickens were doing a little bit and she doesn't do it that much.

    One of my hens just hatched some chicks Monday so I had started to put medication in everyone's water to prevent the chicks from getting sick. It is possible Anastasia's having an allergic reaction to the medication?

    I'm going to look up the name of the medication I put in their water. I also took some pictures of Anastasia and her wattles I will post up later.

    Her face isn't swollen it's still bright and red and she's still acting normal. Any information on what could be going on with her would be much appreciated. [​IMG]
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    I had a rooster and a hen that this happened to. They had their mouths open, and could not breath well. They were not getting enough air. I treated them with tylan 50, and they are fine now. The rooster took a little longer than the hen.They are all pink and pretty again
    (the purple freaked me out!) I hope she gets better soon![​IMG]
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    WOW! I don't know, but hopefullu somone else will! Good lcuk!
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    Mar 27, 2009
    um one of my hens acts like a dog she breathes with her mouth open a LOT and she squaks like shes trying to bark sometimes if i pick her up or another chicken jumps near her should i be concerned? she is a buff orp named henny penny and only a few months old barely any comb and no odd coloration just odd behavior [​IMG] [​IMG] she drives me crazy

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