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Chicas Chicks

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5 Years
Apr 23, 2014
Andalucia, Spain
I´ve changed my girls feed from all corn to pellets and they´re turning their noses up at it. Should I give in and feed them just corn or wait it out in the hope they´ll be hungry enough to start eating it?
Wait it out. They will get hungry and eat the layer pellets.

Its good you changed. Straight corn is not a balanced diet for chickens.
Thanks for that.....Here in rural Spain there isn´t much choice for feed but I do know what they should have....I´ll harden my heart to those sad looks I get when I put their pellets down!!
Thanks for the advice everyone....they´re eating it all now. And I got my first egg. Yipee

Except my dog Betty jumped on it
Quite annoyed that the dog should eat the first egg. She does help feed them their greens so I suppose I can´t really moan.
I agree. Wait it out. When I first switched my hen's feed, they turned their noses up at it. I left the feed out there I didn't feed them anything else. They were happily eating the feed within two days.

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