change of food supplier=cg in poop


10 Years
Aug 31, 2009
I had to give my Silkies a different organic chick starter . I just found out from the store owner/manager that it is just not chickstarter but a combo organic chickstarter /grower and it is a pelle not a mash. I have them on it
for about 2 weeks now. They are 6 weeks old now. I clearly notice the output (poop) is different ,much different in texture ,color,smell. I did a comparison on protein etc on a past blog. . The contents nutrition labeling info in 2nd bag appeared pretty close to first bag . Requirements that they need to thrive are met. I have not changed their diet at all. They still only get half of a small banana that grow heres locally per day. I have changed them in brooder off paper toweling to pine shavings at about the same time. I purposely kept diet the same so I could do process of elimination ,not having to be concerned on what is different for them . It is much easier to observe chicks habits and behaviors this way.
My first bag if you read my prior blog regarding the food issue was ordered thru MPC thru a mill in Pa,it was yellow and it was a mash.I cannot afford to pay the high cost of shipping to Hawaii each time I need food so I looked locally.There aren't but a few animal supply stores to work with here on the Island.
I rechecked the "poop a page " again and I cannot send a picture. It is brown ,all one color sometimes a bit loose sometimes just soft. It smells worse than inital poop , from first feed they were on for approximately 4 weeks. I do realise they are older yet I still need to know Is this normal? I cannot purchase anything else in the way of organic feed that I want the SILKIES on. What is available is what is available. Help please.
Chicken Maid : thank you I am new with blogging. I sure hope it works Still occurring.
I am worried Chickens Maid, as mainland bloggers are approx 6 hour difference (ahead) and no one has responded yet............
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jersey girl: the closet I can relate to after revisiting that site is the poop that is watery..just do not want to commit to that as it due to the fact that it is dark brown ,it does get warm in garage I have all lights off and now 2 windows open for circulating air. Poop not watery just very soft..........
chickens maid:same output . I am trying to get cross air circulation in the garage with now 2 windows open. They do not pant nor really look or act hot. Water is very hard to ck intake due to pine shavings consuming it after they kick around constantl.y I am in with them to clean and adjust environment 1 1/2 to 2 hours day and night . I kid you not . This mainly due to when brooder light was on to overlook it and effects on chicksand the water issue . Even though the last 6 weeks plus have drained the "you know what out of me" it works out good. I can notice changes rather quickly and act accordingly.

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