Changes in behavior in female duck


Oct 24, 2020
Hi, I have a 4 year old female duck that is lethargy, droopiness, staring off into space, just not hanging out with the rest of the flock as much. At nite when we call them in it’s almost like she doesn’t notice. Eventually she will slowly catch up and come in. It’s been happening for a few days, any ideas?
Good morning. What breed is she?does she still lay and when was the last time? I had a Runner recently doing the same. She was t laying so I was able to rule out being egg bound, but I did think possibly infection so I started her on antibiotics and kept her inside with us while she was on the Baytril. My duck wasn’t eating so I had to tube feed her. Is your duck eating an drinking? If your not sure you may want to place her where you can monitor her to make sure she is. Do you have access to a vet that will see poultry. We know that’s not always possible. @millerfamily874
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