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Should I change my avatar?

  • Yes, this one is getting BOR-ing!

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  • Yes, always fun to change it up!

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  • Yes, just b/c it's fun!

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  • No, I like your avatar!

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  • No, you'll confuse me if you change!

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  • No, why bother?

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10 Years
May 12, 2009
Burton, OH
So i've had the same avatar pretty much since I've been a member of BYC but i've been thinking about changing it out....I keep holding off b/c I know I tend to recognize folks by their avatar (as opposed to their screen name) and get thrown off if someone changes. lol, i know, i'm easily confused!
Of course I do a quick look of the screen name and have that AH-HA moment but I was just wondering if anyone else was like this? anyone else want to change their avatar but doesn't b/c they don't want to confuse others!?

so, should I change it up and pick a new avatar or stick with ol' reliable!?

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