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Dec 25, 2011
I purchased a different feed than normal due to another store being closer at the time, and I got maybe half the amount of eggs I normally get. Could the feed change cause a slow down in production?
I also have a 8 month old RIR that appears to be molting. Is it normal to have a hen molt at such a young age?

On the feed I couldn't get you a definite answer. I don't think so unless you went from say pellets to crumbles or vice versa OR if there is a big difference in the protein % between the two feeds.

Yes, an 8 month old can go through what I call a mini-molt. If the others stopped laying and are the same age, it could be that they are getting ready to molt too. Nothing as severe and usually not as long as their first adult molt, but yeah, it happens.

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Chickens aren't very good at handling change. They'll get used to it. If they don't, you may have some completely different issues. Unless the protien levels are different.
Moulting at eight months is pretty normal.

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