Changing feeds - Would it affect them?

Discussion in 'Feeding & Watering Your Flock' started by inilog, Apr 25, 2017.

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    Dec 5, 2013
    I've been feeding my 1 and 4 month old chickens with a BSC (Broiler Starter Crumble). In the later days, I was broke and and I resorted to buying PDPs (Pullet Developer Pellets) and I directly feed it to them. Would it affect them?
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    I would try to get them back on chick starter, especially the 4 week olds, as that PDP is low in protein and they are trying to grow muscles and feathers and all that.

    Are they meat birds?
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    What kind of chickens are you raising? What are your goals for the flock? Since you have 4 month olds I am pretty sure those are not the Cornish X meat birds but I hate to guess. Are they to be an egg-laying flock, show birds, or just pets? Will you be eating them or the males? Do they forage for a lot of their food? Do you give them a lot of treats? If so, what treats?

    What are the percent proteins in those feeds? That information should be on the label. As long as the calcium levels are closer to 1% than 4% the percent protein is the most important information on the feed label.

    We all feed out chicks differently. A lot of that depends on your goals for the flock. I don’t want big chickens for several different reasons. For others having big chickens is a priority. I normally start my chicks off with a 20% protein Starter for the first month or so but then switch to a 15% Developer/Finisher. They forage for a lot of what they eat. Many people on here will be horrified the way I feed my chickens but it works well for me, my flock meets my goals.

    You have a lot of latitude in how you can feed your chickens and have a healthy flock, but your goals have a lot to do with how you need to feed them. I just don’t know enough about your goals or those specific feeds to be able to be very specific with your situation.

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