Changing location each cycle of egglaying?

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    Apr 2, 2011
    First, Butterscotch my oldest hen would lay her eggs in a wooden box in the backyard. Speckles and Palila were still young and didn't lay yet. Then she stopped because she was molting. By the time the other two could, Butterscotch started again and all three would lay their eggs in one (new) spot of their house. Then winter came and they all stopped. Now it's spring again, and instead of in the house, Butterscotch and Speckles are laying in the doghouse! Palila is still laying in the house, but a new area in it. Sometimes she also lays them on the ground outside of the house. I heard from someone that hens who are together will always do it in one spot at a time. Is it normal for them to change from each cycle, and that one is not with the others? And why is Palila being inconsistent with her places? Last fall and summer, they were all SO particular on laying their eggs all in the same place, and they would make a huge fuss if they had to lay when someone else was sitting there.
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    Ours like to change things up on a random basis, one hen will lay in a particular spot for a period, then as if she got some new instruction, she moves.

    Who knows??

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