Changing our city's ordinance to allow ducks

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    Feb 23, 2014
    Two years ago, and after a lot of well coordinated advocacy by a local group of chicken and permaculture fans, our city's created an ordinance to allow the keeping of up to six hens at a city residence after a very cumbersome permitting process. I am one of the fewer than 50 people who since the ordinance was passed, has jumped through all the hoops and gotten my permit, so I am allowed to keep six chickens (no roosters are allowed).

    Currently I have four hens, and I recently bought two Pekin ducklings to fill my last two permitted slots. Sadly, one of my ducklings died, so now I only have one little duckling, and I really want to keep her (I'm calling her a her even though it will be a while before I know her gender for sure)

    However, we've now discovered that ducks are not allowed, even for permit holders. The general city code states "no poultry," and the ordinance that outlines the process to get the permit to have chickens goes even further, stating that the permit does not allow "ducks, geese, turkeys or any other pountry."

    I am now working with my city council member to change the current ordinance that allows permits for up to six chickens. My proposed change would allow properly permitted residents to fill up to two of their six slots with ducks instead of chickens. I think this is modest and reasonable. So does the city council member with whom I am working. To help him make the case for this change, he's asked that I send him two things:

    - Articles or other materials that support the idea of ducks as appropriate, productive backyard pets or laying birds

    - Examples of town and city ordinances that allow keeping ducks

    If any of you guys can point me to good materials that I can provide to the city council guy, I would really appreciate it. I want to keep my duck!!!
    Thank you !

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