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May 18, 2008
I have buff orphington and white leghorn hens with a bo rooster.If i change to a leghorn rooster how long do i have to wait to get pure leghorn chicks.I read that a hen could stay fertile for up to 12 days after a rooster is removed.So does it take that long after i change roosters.
Correction...hens can be fertile for 21 days or more. 30 days is the general rule of thumb. Others say 14.

30 days is my minimum for it.
if you breed your leghorn roo with the leghorn hens,,, then its something like 27 hours that the other roo will "get outta there" lol
They can stay fertile for a long time.
But If you put a new Rooster in then in about 3 weeks you get pure.

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