Changing the local laws was one do I change a neighbours mind?

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    Jul 3, 2012
    Hey all:)

    This summer I started keeping a few chickens in a coop I built in my backyard. I knew it wasn't allowed, but I figured since one neighbour puts out grain for deer and another lets their cat wander all over the block they wouldn't care about 4 chickens.

    I was wrong:(

    A chicken disappeared from the coop one day a few weeks after I got them, and after a look around turned up nothing, I figured a local dog probably got a hold of it. Three weeks later a neighbour stops by to ask if the chicken running around the yard across the street was mine. Long story short. A bylaw officer shows up a couple hours later and tells me to get rid of the chickens, which I did:(

    I've spent the last couple months going before town council to get them to change the law to allow a small flock of birds to be kept in town, which they've finally agreed to....sort of.


    They've set up a pilot project for 5 families to have chickens for a year. The problem is that for the pilot project, you need the written permission of both neighbours to be involved. I had both neighbours, but then one of them went down to the town office and had her name taken off:( Now I'm unable to participate in the whole chicken project I've been working on for the last six months.

    Any ideas for changing my neighbours mind? Has anyone had difficult neighbours in regards to having a coop? She's an elderly woman who has trouble getting around, so for her to go out and drive herself down to the town office tells me she wasn't keen on the whole thing to begin with. Plus, the anger I feel over being denied this opportunity for the next year has made it difficult for me to even talk to her.

    Thoughts? Encouragement? I need 'em both:)


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    Nov 26, 2012
    Hello Neil.

    First of all, It's great that you went through all that hard work to have your town council allow your community to have the opportunity to raise chickens, that shows a lot of commitment on your behalf. Now something important that I found on having my neighbors be o.k with the idea of us getting chickens was to inform them. I find that the main reason why people have problems with having chickens in their neighborhood is ignorance: the lack of knowledge on the subject. I am sure that you have done your research on keeping chickens and you have seen the pros and cons. You don't have to worry about the pros, but you did have to think on how you would deal with the cons. Such as keeping your flock safe, and out of other peoples property. The hygiene precautions that you would take, like having the area where your chickens live clean and in adequate conditions. These are things that I'm sure you have in mind now and you know how you will go about solving them so your overall experience in keeping chickens is rewarding. So I guess that my advice to you is, have your neighbors know this. Give them the facts, the pros, and information on how you will deal with the cons. Here are some links that helped me.

    Best wishes!!,1

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