Chantelle (My hen) lost a lot of feathers :(


7 Years
Aug 18, 2012
Okay so around 7:15 am I was heading out my backyard door when my two girls decided to follow, (They must of seen the yogurt I was carrying) I said goodbye to them and closed my door with more force than I expected... My hen Chantelle got so scared she flew at least 10-15 feet in the air and at least 30 yards from the spot she was standing. A LOT OF FEATHERS were left as evidence.. It was horrifying seeing so many feathers...:( She's okay and she looks fine, but you can tell she's lost a good amount of feathers..

I was wondering what I should do? Will they grow back? How soon? Her sister is okay, btw. They're only 9 months old and having been producing eggs like crazy, thanks a lot in advance!

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