chased by my hen


11 Years
Apr 23, 2008
my 8 hens come running toward me thinking I have a treat. Well my one barred rock keeps coming after me, Yikes. Brought back bad memories of when my rooster kept chasing me. Do hens get aggresive and come after you and what would they do if they got to me. I know I'm bigger but I'm scared of them. LOL
they might peck my eyes out.

Someone on BYC has a signature that says something along the lines of : dont fall down in the coop, the chickens WILL eat you.


They are just really food oriented and when they see you they think you are gonna give 'em something yummy to eat. I had one hen get a little overexcited by pecking at my leg so I just did the "I'm bigger than you alpha thing" where you just kind of hold them down gently for a minute. They always do the submission squat near me now and are not aggressive.

Don't worry, hens are gentle. ROO's on the other hand...... dinner.
Hens aren't usually mean. I am sure once she got to you she would just stop and look to see if you have treats. Don't let mean roos make you afraid of your sweet hens.
Pick her up (wearing gloves or something for protection from her pecking) and shake her gently while telling her that what she's doing is bad. Hold and pet her and don't let her join the flock for a while. This should teach her a lesson.

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