Chat Thread for the New Crazy 24 hour Auction


7 Years
May 19, 2012
Southern California
How much for them please?
I was hoping to get $100 (or best offer) for each plus shipping. One ECO 20 is well-used, but the second one has been used just several times. The Mini Advance has been used about six times. I got the second ECO 20 and the Mini Advance so I can hatch multiple sets of eggs one year - during the period when my hatching "addiction" was at its peak --enabled/supported by the Crazy 24- Hour Auction thread. :D I didn't want to give these up, but since I don't know if I'd ever use them again, it's best that they get used instead of sitting in storage.
There's a hairline fracture on the bottom plate of the Mini Advance - I think it was there when I bought it but I didn't notice it until after a couple uses. It doesn't seem to affect the incubator at all as I get great hatch rates from it. I do like the Mini Advance because of the automated turning, but the drawback is that it can only hatch seven chicken eggs at one time whereas I have "stuffed" the ECO 20 with 24+ eggs when I had an over-abundance of fertile eggs. :lol:
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