Cheap coop & run for $100 or less??

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    Oct 2, 2013
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    We're going to build a coop & run for 5 chickens (going to get baby chicks to raise once we've got things squared away. Can someone help me figure out how to build a coop, nesting box & run for $100 or less? We want to build it as large as possible but also predator proof. Is a run that is about 8' wide by 16' long a good size? Would it keep them from feeling cramped? How big should the coop be for 5 to fit comfortably?

    The coop & run will be completely enclosed, top included, so they will be able to leave their coop at will & walk around in the run. Could they be considered free range like this even though they would be in a pen? And would it be ok to let them out for a little bit when we're home & outside to watch them or would they run off? Or would just staying inside the run all the time be ok?

    Thanks!!! Pictures would be so great & details if you guys can. We're going to be getting 5 girl sex links.
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    Check your local Craigslist for freebies (in the for sale section look for "free") or the farm & garden section. Old kids' plastic playhouses can be turned into coops easily. (Google "playhouse coops"). Or maybe you have a friend or family member that has a playhouse just sitting unused in their backyard because the kids have outgrown it.

    I found a free wooden crate on my local CL & my son, one of his friends, & I converted it to a nice sturdy coop. See thread here:

    Check at Lowe's online right now for fencing specials. See thread here that I started: The T-posts were given to me by a neighbor that put in a new fence. I spent $38 for 150' of chicken wire, and $10 for zip ties and staples. I plan to sell the extra chicken wire (probably 90') for $25 on CL once I finish the fence so the total cost for fencing will be about $23 for a HUGE area.

    You can use used kitty-litter boxes(wash well first) for nesting boxes or plastic milk crates. Or just cardboard boxes and throw away and replace periodically.

    You WILL need waterers, & chicken feed and scratch.Old flower pot saucers can be turned into feeders or just throw the scratch on the ground. They'll find it!

    Chickens don't dig, scratch, or claw their way out of anything. Predators will try to get IN, however, so prepare your coop & enclosure with that in mind.

    There are formulas on this forum and online to figure out how much space a chicken needs. Bantam chickens need less of course than full-size chickens.

    My coop is 4x4x5 and I currently have 5 Bantams, but they only sleep in the coop. They have a roughly 30'x40' fenced in area to roam in during the day.
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    Apr 12, 2012
    Our best budget saver was to give the chickens space in our existing backyard shed. We just added a pop-hole with a sliding door, and using scrap lumber and chicken wire we framed out a space in the shed, used plywood to make it "two storeys" high in the shed to give them some elbow room while giving us plenty of floor space to store feed, bikes and lawn stuff. We did remove some glass windows and covered with hardware cloth for ventilation, and as long as we open shed doors during the day, and close at night, it's been both cool enough in summer and predator proof. We had an attached 8'x8' pen from our dog run (with a chicken wire top ) and also used a portable 8x8' pen to give them access to new places every couple of days. Worked great, and mostly was repurposed from dog pens. Craig's list is a great place to look, also
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    Wow I could've written this word for word! So far its looking pretty pricey, just for osb, screws, cement blocks and 2x4s I'm at 150 bucks 0.o. I'm looking into Open air coops or possibly a shed conversion now...
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    How about getting a doghouse($50) and putting it on stilts($20)? Then all you'd need is some free wire (freecycle or craigslist) fencing and posts. Not under $100, but darn close!

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