Cheap temporary coop/tractor?

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    I built a temporary sheep run-in this year out of my cattle panels, just as additional lounging area for my sheep. I needed to connect my garden to the hay shed and the other garden to provide more space for the sheep this winter.....and I said to myself, "Self, why not cover part of that tunnel so that the sheep have more shelter this winter?"

    So, here is a pic of the finished shelter....put together with zip ties, mind you. We've had some pretty severe winds since I put this up and it barely ruffles. I already had the cattle panels, T post and cargo netting, just bought a few tarps and some nylon rope. The rope is applied to keep the tarps from flapping...apparently sheep do not like things that flap and move in the wind.

    The sheep love it, BTW! They have easy escape routes, good visual and shelter....they really like this setup.

    I was thinking how easy it would be to construct a temporary greenhouse or chicken shelter out of the same materials. One could even incorporate hay/straw bales on the outside of the panel, cover with the tarp and have instant insulation. You could place roosts easily with crossbars on the fencing.

    You can even construct a door with the cattle cuts easily with a sawzaw. I have gates and hay feeders made out of cattle panels....I love the stuff!


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    You are really handy!!! [​IMG] Lucky sheep to have such a nice shelter to hang out in.
    I'm printing out your wonderful idea. Hope to use it to inspire my future building plans.
    Thanks. [​IMG]

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