cheaping and tapping inside,but no pip!


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Mar 28, 2015
Hi, I have an egg with a really really strong tapping and cheaping inside but still hasn't made an external pip,I am approaching day 23 with 18 hatched already so I'm thinking the shell is too tough as it should have had enough encouragement from others to pip,does anyone have any suggestions,leave to die under the assumption that it can't be strong enough if it can't pip outside,but it could be the outer shell is too hard to pip,I would rather give it a chance and assist,would anyone else give it a try?
Edited to add that I have left the last hatched chick in the incubator to encourage it but still no pip
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It's your decision. As you pointed out the chick should be strong enough to pip the shell and weakness is not a good trait to carry on in chickens. If all the eggs are from the same source then it's not the shell thickness, 18 hatched. Have you turned the egg over? It may have piped on the bottom.

If you are going to assist I'd do it immediately and not wait.
I candled it and it had internally pipped,made a little mark on where to tap and started to tap,my gosh that shell was hard,makes me think no wonder it couldn't get out,I only had 3 of this particular light sussex eggs,this was the final one of the 3
It's beak was pretty close to where I tapped but couldn't see,took it into shower room with steam everywhere and began to take more shell away,needless to say it's back in the incubator with dampened membranes due to blood from blood vessels,going to take it slowly,what i would like to know is,will the yolk be absorbed by now at almost day 23?
Well I took it back into the shower room as the membrane had became hard around its face so decided to intervene further,while taking away some membrane from its leg area,there was lots and lots of blood,I'm not holding out much hope for this little one,seems an awful lot of blood for it to loose,I've put it back in the incubator again and have my fingers crossed but something is telling me this chick wasn't meant to survive! :(

My first chick loss! So so sad!

I am so sorry. Not only is the first one sad, but every one is sad, especially when you try to help because they are in distress. We can only try our best, some will not make it with or without our help.

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