Check out my confused breeders and my one legged goose - Pic and Video


10 Years
Jan 28, 2010

Okay, so she really isn't a one-legged goose, her other leg is just tucked up in her nice goose down comforter, but she sure does look one legged.

Now here she is "teaching" the gander how to breed - I tried to explain to her that he was supposed to be on top, but she just said HISSS and told me it was none of my business. Ignore my rambling in the background - I was on the phone:

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Haha! Thats so funny! She is beautiful by the way.

Your subject caught my eye because I have a one legged duck. She has two legs, but one was broken by a dog that tried to kill her. At the advice of my vet, we wrapped her leg to her body so it points behind her now. She jumps around on her good leg and lives a good life now. And her hubby drake takes good care of her.
Thank you, I am SO proud of my geese - I didn't think I would get so nutty over them, but they've really stollen my heart.

I was wondering if a one legged goose could get around, but I guess if a duck could a goose could, although with a goose being so much heavier I'm not sure how that would work. I have this image of them swimming in circles, but I know animals adapt much better than that. I actually took the pictures and then had them on the camera and my friend was laughing about my "one legged goose" and I realized it did look pretty neat so I decided to share
How they get around? Outside where there is room they flap their wings and hop (fairly fast too!) Where their wings are a problem they use their neck like a cane and hop. In water they do not swim in circles unless they want to. On water I don't think you could tell them from the other geese. Snapping turtle can take off a gosling foot in one bite.
i have a one legged goose now...he still has the other leg but it is useless...there is a post on here about him...he gets around well enough...i was actually hopping someone else did have another goose with one leg when i read see if there is anything i could do for my goose...
NOVAHorses your video is so funny. My geese are the same way. I have two embden geese and they just can't seem to figure out who's supposed to be doing what and how to both face the right direction. I told them their frusrations must be what's making them so mean all of a sudden. Mine spend more time chasing each other around in circles than actually mating. I'm glad this is normal and that I don't just have some really dumb geese.
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