check out my new babies!


9 Years
Feb 15, 2010
They got here yesterday. We picked them up at the post office and you could hear them coming from the back room. Too fun!
Chicks make you feel like spring is here, don't they? The sun is out and I'm wearing flip-flops today. I don't care if it is 50 degrees!
Here are some pictures...


Here's whole flock:
5 barred rock hens, 2 barred rock roosters (only ordered 1)
5 white rock hens
5 buff rocks
5 americanas (4 look alike, I think 1 is cream colored with a little gold)
1 mystery chick
and 7 (yes, 7, extra roosters, added for warmth, what in the world am I going to do with them!)


Our 10 year old son named this one Queen Hattie (short for Queen Hatshepsut) because she looks egyptian


Any guesses as to what this little black mystery chick is? It is smaller than the barred rocks and looks very similar except he doesn't have a white butt.



The little barred rocks
They are all so cute! Just love 'em!
Yes they do!! I love it!! Got my new babies on Sunday and spend all my time watching chicken tv...what is better than that?
Yes, Celtic Hill, I used a stock tank that a friend wanted to get rid of since it doesn't hold water anymore. I filled it with 4 inches of pine shavings, but they still dig to the bottom. My husband does aluminum work so I found a large scrap that sits over half of the top. It has a square hole just big enough to sit the light on top and shine through. It works great because it holds the heat in. I'll take it off and put a wire top on when it is time to lower the temp a little. I added some small branches ( wedged up about 4 inches) yesterday and they love jumping up on them! They are fun!
my3jsons, Very cool! we had picked up a magazeen that said you could use them as a brooder so we got one at TSC the other day and i was wondering how you liked yours?
Celtic Hill,
Was it Hobby Farm magazine? Yes, ours is working out really well. I had to experiment with different things to put on the top to get the temp just right. There is plenty of room for my 33 girls and boys, at least for a while. Good luck with yours!

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