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Just need to get some stuff off my mind..put my emotions "in check" and unwind so I can go to bed. The last few days have been bombarded with bad news of things happening to people I love very much, and I just am having a hard time coping. First was the shock of a friend doing something I never thought they would to the tune of 23 years behind bars. Although very much still hurts that the person was NOT who I thought they were, and that friendship is OVER in the blink of an eye, no time for adjustment, and still I'm just very SHOCKED. Then another old buddy, who I hadn't talked to in almost a decade pops back onto the scene with major issues with family. When my friends hurt I hurt...I'm just that way. NOW tonight I found out of a recently reunited after 15 years friend who was happily married, doing well, is now facing divorce....just like that. And all I can think about is those kids growing up without a daddy, and just rips my heart out. These are folks I grew up with, and have loved FOREVER, closer than family, often stood in as family when I was going through mess with my bio family. Sometimes it WOULD be nice to go back in time and just play stickball in the abandoned lot, and not forget to tell them I loved them. UGH..I just want to curl up and stick my fingers in my ears and scream so I can't hear anymore negative news!! This may not even make sense to anyone...I dunno, don't care really, but just had to get it all out of my head. I miss innocence...mine and theirs. Wish things were different and everyone could be happy and get along and just simply do the right thing..........


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Life isnt easy..
I find that it goes in cycles...
Things go good for a while.. then WHAM! Bad stuff...
Then.. things get easy/better again.... and everything works its self out..

Ya just gotta ride it out... and get past the tough stuff... cause it DOES get better again...
Of course.. then something crummy will happen again..... *sigh*...
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Unfortunate but true: Welcome to adulthood. Some people grow and mature, and some people don't. It is hard when the ones you love don't and they take the wrong path. It is also hard to see those people hurting too. I can totally relate at this point in my life. My best friends husband is terminal and he has been the most selfish jackbutt in the world to her.

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It seems everyone has their sadness and woes and worries these days. We honestly are living in desperate times, and I think we are going to see more bad behavior out of good people we know and love before its all said and done. Again, I would just LOVE to be in the middle of a forest with no one else but my family around, and a couple of them I am not sure of, but just not have to deal with bad stuff on a daily basis.


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I know how you feel.

last night I broke down in tears after talking to a good friend of mine. she has cancelled plans on Monday and again yesterday and I asked her if she was sick. She couldn't even talk to me on the phone. then late last night while I was awake going through this forum she popped up on Facebook, she told me what was going on and it tore me to pieces.

she is the mother of 5 children, 2 who are now grown and moved to big cities have girlfriends and one just had a baby. going back in time, her first 2 boys were from a different man, but he was rotten and abusive and she left him when the kids were still toddlers. She found a new man who fell in love with her and her boys and he adopted them and fathered them all these years they had 3 more children. His life revolves around his kids and wife. I always comment on how close their relationship is with their kids.

well, one of the girlfriends doesn't like my friend at all and in fact even told her she didn't appreciate her calling her son every night for a chat. she showed me the Facebook email she was sent. this girl called her a backwards woods woman and trailer trash. There were a lot more names but not anything I can post here.
She then took it further and went to the other girlfriend and told her how my friend hated her and wanted nothing to do with the newborn baby. when the boys were confronted by the girlfriends the one with the baby called the house and went off on his mom, telling her he never wanted to speak to her or HER husband and that he was changing his last name back to his original name. She was told to never call again, and to never try to have a relationship with him, the baby or the g/f.

she tried emailing her son with all the email from the one g/f but he deleted her and blocked her numbers. she is destroyed over this, but more so her DH, he loves those boys so much. Of all the times I have seen him go through hard times I have never seen him break down in tears. I wish people respected family like they used to.

I do think this family will find a solution, but my friend says no, it just won't happen, she knows her boys and she knows they will stick to what they say. She still not functioning too good, she is telling her youngest kids that she is sick and that is why she can't get out of bed. I am going to see hr tomorrow and hoping I can drag her out for a cup of coffee.

Its hard watching friends who you love go through such pain!!!

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