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  1. I am new here, but I love this board. You guys are especially nice to newbies to the board.

    I used to do something years ago when I was using both incubators and broody hens to hatch my chicks........

    To check for life in eggs, I simply put slightly warm water in a bowl, let the bowl set for a few minutes until the water was still and then one at a time, I gently lowered the eggs in the water. If there were peeps in the eggs, the water would cause them to move around in the eggs because of the instant chill. (Remove the egg immediately and put back in the incubator or under the hen.)

    I would do this at about 17 or 18 days. NEVER do this when pip time has arrived. You can drown a chick in a hurry if you do not notice the pip hole or the zip starting around the egg.

    Has anyone here ever done this ?????
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    I think water washes off the protective layer over the shell and allows bacteria to get in? I usually just candle the eggs on day 7-10 and again on day 18 using my hand cupped over a flash light

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