Checking out a new halloween prop and scared my Mom


9 Years
Feb 23, 2010
Picked up a new four foot spring loaded ghoul. Put it together,
and took it to my parents. Scared the crap out of mom, with me
telling her what he does. She went back in her recliner so hard it
nearly turned over.

Spring loaded, he lays down slow and quiet. Noise activated, it comes
alive quick and loud. A kind of in-your-face thing, he appears to be coming
forward and does have enough power to actually leave the ground. (not screwed
to a base yet)

The house dog hates it, bad.

Being altered before the game begins. Will install LED eyes, refit the arms to
accept those long skinny balloons inside so they flap around. (arms presently fabic,
but empty and sewn to cross the chest.) New arms will be 15-16 inches long and should
wave around wildly as the ghoul comes up quickly.

And then I'm thinking of giving this little feller his own coffin to play in. Ghoul is dressed in
black and silver gown with a cape, eyes will be red. Coffin liner...white? red?

Didn't mean to scare my own mom, but he's a pretty wicked little piece. I like it.

One of those Halloween City stores opening near me this weekend. I can't wait. I got another
box of skulls and bones today, e-bay. Having trouble finding some really cool hands, but trying.

It should be a good time. We intend to scare you.
If you really want to scare folks, a plain container, something innocent? But something that would spark a bit of curiosity so someone would look closer...

....a box from that case of girl scout cookies I was suckered into buying last time? But we are just twisted around here.

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