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Oct 27, 2020
Hello all. My name is Jules. I am a proud single mom to four boys & now (9) 8mo old Holland pullets. FINALLY, girls out number & rule the roost here! My girls originated from Sand Hill Preservation Center out of Iowa. They were raised at Trails End Farm, a gorgeous farm focused on the preservation of critically endangered livestock. They are located about 4 1/2 hours south of me at the Kentucky-Tennessee boarder. After months of stalking this site, building from scratch, doing a blind breed comparison, deciding on Hollands as my “unicorn” breed, & then opening my search to over 400 miles I found them through The Livestock Conservancy.

Due to my sons’ & my high risk health, all four are home 24/7, and have been for the past 10 months. Two of my sons are Div 1 Football scholarship prospects, being over 6’6 weighing 275, wearing size 18 w shoes and only being 15. Their older brother is the short one at 6’2. With them literally eating me out of house & home, I decided it was time to become more self sustaining. My favorite part of having my girls is geeking out on their diet & enrichment. I am attaching a fun picture of Mary. She is named in honor of the daring badass Stagecoach Mary. 45 mins into my journey home- with no cell service, maps or internet to be had, and never having touched a chicken in my life, the 5 girls being held in one of two antique wood carriers escaped!
Led to freedom by Minty (Harriet Tubman’s birth name), Mary insisted on perching on my headrest. Ignoring her while I was looking for a shoulder to pull over, she pulled my ponytail. I was such a scared little chicken shit!

I attempted to swaddle them - but with no success I drove the next 4 hours in the dark with them behind a makeshift curtain. I fell in love while watching their fluffy butt shadows in my rear view mirror. Bird Burlesque ❤️
Hi Jules and welcome to BYC. Chat with other BYC members nearby using the links in my signature, below (turn your phone to landscape to see them).Make yourself at home and enjoy the forums.

Best wishes

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