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8 Years
Jul 27, 2011
Larryville, KS
I couldn't really find a thread for this. I'm a newbie to it, I've mostly made soft cheeses. I'm contemplating my first attempt at hard cheeses. Anyone have any experience/advice/tips/stories?
I actually went to cheese making school last Feb. It was a blast! I've never done hard cheese at home but have done tons of it in my friends new cheese vat. However, it can be done! Find a fool proof cheddar recipe to use first then experiment with it. The hardest part will be getting enough pressure to press the cheddared and milled pieces together into a finished product. I have a cheddar recipe if you want it but it's for a huge batch. However with a little math you could break it down and try it out. If you do try it I want to know how it goes
I'd be interested in your recipe! I bought a book (Cheese Making by Ricki Carroll) and I can't put it down. Do you have an online product/ingredient supplier you prefer? I'm trying to find local dairies which may sell raw milk, but it's harder than I thought it would be.
Ricki's book is a good one. Let's see, you're in KS. The Grape & Granary and Leeners are located in OH. Shipping would be less expensive than the New England Cheesemaking Supply Co. There is also Hoegger Supply Co. (actually pronounce Hay-ger!)

When making a hard cheese, I've found it isn't so hard to get the pressure to mold the curds, you just want to increase pressure slowly so your cheese isn't too dry. Then use a good cheese wax (parafin or beeswax won't work) to age your cheese. A good temp in your cheese cage is also important.

You can use the same recipe, the same method, the same pressure, the same storage facility, but you may not always have consistent cheese because of the specific flora in the air on the particular day you made/pressed the cheese.

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