12 Years
Dec 27, 2007
This afternoon I let my 3 chickens out to free range a bit. While sitting outside w/them I was eating a piece of Kraft American Cheese. Well, of couse, they HAD to see what I was eating. So, is cheese okay to give to a chicken? And I mean only a very small amount.
There is nothing to worry about, small amounts of cheese are fine for chickens.
My chickens adore, really adore string cheese! Even the roo's and they typically only eat a few choice snacks but get the string cheese out and it's every chicken for her/him self. It's a good source of calcium and protien yet lower in fat than your american or cheddars.
My chicken love cheeses, and anyhting with cheese! They will also eat the rinds off cheeses that are not good for people (OK to eat, but too hard and not very popular!).

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