Chelmsford MASS may have to give up chickens !!

Discussion in 'Local Chicken Laws & Ordinances' started by tigger19687, Oct 19, 2018.

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    Yep... I NEVER dealt with rats the way I do now before having chickens... too many people realize their "composting" attracts them. And they don't collect their feed at night. :barnie

    Getting some regulation in place might be helpful. Maybe permits or something for animal owners. :hmm
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    So what else could be the attractant for this increase in rats/mice in Chelmsford? That certainly not addressed in this short clip of news coverage. Hmmmm....
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    The best advice to give any city hall about a "chicken regulation" is that they should make it match their dog regulation (i.e., no running loose on the streets, distance from pen to boundary, don't let things stink, noise control, picking up or not leaving feed overnight, etc.)

    This lets the police use one set of understandable rules for all animals.

    That said, I kind of doubt that chicken feed alone caused the rat problem. If it did, rats would be equally attracted to bird feeders, or cat/dog food bowls left outside.

    I do know that construction or remodeling can disrupt the wildlife, and then they look for other accommodations. I lived through the first part of the "Big Dig" in Boston, and people nearby were finding rats everywhere in their offices and homes. I also worked in an AT&T building that had several floors going through renovation, and our floor wasn't. We had a lot of rat traps around for a while, and that gradually solved the problem.

    I have about 250 chickens on 3 acres, but they are concentrated in the middle. I have not had rats in the entire time I have been here, since 1997. I do have a few mice, but a well-designed cage lets the chickens take care of those by themselves, so the mice never overrun us. (I also probably have a few predators snacking on the mice when they can't get to the chickens, eggs, or feed.)

    Hope this helps!

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    I think it is all the construction. It may not have to be right near an area. When you change the way the Wetland and water flow/settle, diturb a lot of ground, you get an influx of 'critters'
    I have NOT had any issue with mice/rats/chipmunks since having the hens. Matter of Fact, after getting rid of 2 Munks, 1 mole (by accident) I have not had an issue nor seen one around.
    Caught 2 mice in the last month INSIDE the basement, that is normal for this time of year.

    Even if someone doesn't get the feed from outside is not going to make an Over-run of Rats... Notice they say Rats and not Mice.

    They have to blame it on something.

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