Chemical straightening?


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Apr 16, 2011
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Who has had their hair chemically straightened? I have been thinking about getting it done because the flat iron is starting to take its toll on my hair. I wanted to know if you have had it done before how long did it last? How often do you have to get it re-done? And was it more damaging to your hair then the flat iron? Or after you had it done and no longer needed to use a flat iron did your hair improve?
It would be nice! I have curls and waves and none are the same so my hair looks like a mess unless i strighten it or use a curler. Plus i had layers put in to thin my think mess out and help with the waves and curls so it really does not make it look right lol.
I was just reading in the Women's World magazine that 40% of women have wavy hair while 30% have straight hair (and another 30% for curly? Can't remember). I happen to have thin, straight hair that ain't much to look at!
I have had it done about a dew different ways...

about 8 years ago I had a hair dresser do it... it was a thick paste that was combed into my hair and then I sat for a bit (cant remember how long maybe like 30 min) this way worked really well but only lasted about 3 months.. I had it done back to back 4 - 5 times but eventually it took it toll on my hair and it got really brittle and I ended up getting my hair cut short

then about 2 years ago I have the newer chemical straightener I think they call it it china straight... I had it done once and never again ... it made me sick.. really sick and burned my scalp. I was vomiting for 2 days after we ruled out the flu with all the testing at the hospital (they didnt do a toxicology tho) it burned my scalp I vowed never to do it again... the product was recalled in Canada.. I dont know the status in the USA though

the key with the flat irons is treatments and dont do it every day.. try and go as long as you can between washing your hair.... on an evening that you have nothing planned do a moisture pack... wash your hair at night or when you get in from school (dunno how old you are) and let it air dry use products to help protect your hair from the high heat... i have my flat iron set at 210*c
I think that the chemical straightening will be harder on your hair than the flat iron. I found that the older I got the harder the chemicals are on m hair. My experience has been with color, and perms though. I have only recently started to use the flat iron in order to get some extra body, and lift in my otherwise very straight fine hair.
Ouch both of those are not what i want. I have heard of the second one before because my friend had it done 3+ years ago and it burned the folicals on the top of her head so bad she can not grow hair there and has to have extensions put in.

I am out of school and have been for awhile. I have a full time job. I try to go 3 days without washing it and do the oil and moisterizing treatments every couple of weeks. The shampoo i use is even for damaged and heat broken hair. I also use a flat iron spray when i do straighten and do not do it every day.

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