Chic appears to have weak joints


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Jun 12, 2017
Ball Ground, GA
We bought 8 pullets, that are now about 9 weeks old. The largest of the chicks seems to be having trouble walking do to weakness in her joints. She is quite a bit larger than the others, more mature comb, and we are even questioning if she is a hen or roster. She is eating well but it appears that her big legs have weak joints. Any suggestions?


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May 20, 2012
Ok so then she should be a hen (isa brown roosters would be white, hens red/brown).

Adding some calcium and vitamin D3 to the diet may help, it sounds like she is growing too fast though for her bones. Try giving a feed with lower protein levels to slow her growth rate a bit.

Here's a link to TONS of information on leg/foot problems in poultry if you want to do a little more reading into this

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