Chic being attacked


6 Years
Mar 12, 2018
Merit, Texas
I have a week old chic that hatched under a hen. Today it appears she’s being attacked. She’s out with the rest of the flock like the other chics I’ve hatched under hens and they haven’t had any issues. Is this normal?


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Is she being attacked by other chicks or grown hens? If its grown hens I'm surprised the mother isnt protecting her. You might have to separate them from the flock until they're a little bigger-a grown hen can kill a chick easily
I did Seperate. Mama is a small Bantam and I thought she would protect too but I’m assuming it’s the big hens. I do have a 1 month old chic but the way it looks a larger bird did it. I did notice another broody hen attack this mama today when I was checking in the injured chic.

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