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6 Years
Apr 7, 2013
i had a chick acting odd this morning; drooping wings, fluffed out, and highly letharggic. i have normally seen this chick running around and playing. they have acsess to food and water. it was about 7 weeks old. it died about 2-3 hours ago.
anyhelp is appreaciated!
its stools were a runny brown and then the next one was solid. had normal growth and was fine the day before.
lost another chick today. same position. curled back but this bird had feathers on its exposed side.
I recommend that you purchase Corid 9.6% liquid solution and provide it for your chicks to drink. Dosage is 9.5cc's per gallon of water for 5 days. Make a fresh mixture daily, dont add any ACV nor vitamin supplements to the mixture.
The symptoms you described does sound like Cocci. The bloody poop is one of the last signs/symptoms to appear. Just to be safe, I would go ahead and get some Corid and mix it in with the water. It will not hurt any chicks if they don't have Cocci. Lots of people ( myself included ) give the Corid water as a preventative. It basically just slows the growth of the Cocci so the chick has a chance to build an immunity to it :)

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