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    I have a chick and its been the only one to hatch I ordered some and I thought I would get them today but the hatchery sent me an email saying that they had to detain the order and send it to me later this month. I have more chicks due to hatch this one was a surprise. I have a toy but that't not working. I have two baby ducklings that aren't very big can I go ahead and put the chick in with the ducklings?? to keep it company tell I get more chicks ?????
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    Another thing that you could try is a mirror. I've heard of people using that for a lonely chick. If that doesn't work I would put it with the ducklings if they're not too big. I've heard you can raise chicks and ducklings together but I've never had ducklings or ducks so i wouldn't know from my own experience.
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    You can try putting the chick in with the ducklings, but I would keep a close eye on them to see how they get along, since you have only one chick so far. Here is my story of chicks and ducks together....

    I received four chicks and three ducklings the same day at three days old. I put the ducks in a large, trash bag lined cardboard box to keep the water from seeping into the box and ruining it...they are very messy with the water. The chicks I had in a small dog kennel with chicken wire around it to keep them from getting out of the kennel. I cut a large opening, like a large doorway, in one end of the ducks box from the top to the bottom of the box, set the dog kennel with the chicks in it next to the opening so they could all see each other.

    It was really funny watching them! The ducks lined up at the doorway and constantly watched the chicks. The chicks watched them too. When they were all about three and a half weeks old, and were fully feathered, I moved them into the coop with a heat lamp suspended and on 24/7....I put up a temporary chicken wire wall to keep them separated thinking they might not like being together since the ducks were so much larger than the chicks at this time. Ducks grow very fast!!! I put the ducks on one side and the chicks on the other. An hour later I went back out to check on them and one of the chicks had figured out a way to get through the fence and was in with the ducks. They were all getting along, so I removed the temporary fence and let them all be together.

    They are all now four months old and have been in the run, and kennels, and are doing great together!!! The chickens sleep in the raised coop that has a light in it at night, and the ducks sleep under the coop in lots of straw that has three walls to keep the wind out...the run is open to both areas so they feed and water together too. (Do not feed your ducklings any Chick Starter that is MEDICATED!! Non-medicated Chick Starter can be fed to both the chicks and ducks in the same feeder) However, I am out there a minimum of three times a day to give them fresh water in their rubber waterer in the run, a water bowl out in the 10 x 20' area, and their pool that's also rubber, that's inside the run gets dumped and fresh water in it every other day. To keep the water in their pool from freezing, I got a floating de-icer for $14.99 that turns itself on at 35 degrees and their water there has never frozen. So, if they get their drinking water dirty over night, they can rely on the water in the pool until I get out there the next morning to freshen it all.

    You will eventually need to separate your ducks and chickens IF you have a male duck. Male ducks will try to breed with your chickens and this is not good as a male duck attempting mating can kill a chicken. If you free range, I would still keep an eye on them and if you see any attempts at mating, it is time to separate them. Of course, it will be about six months before a male duckling will have any thoughts and possibility of mating, so you have some time.

    Just remember to have plenty of fresh water for your chicks and ducklings. Ducks will forever need water deep enough to submerge their heads in it so they can swallow their food and clean their nostrils out. This is a must with ducks!!!!

    You are going to really enjoy all your babies!!!! The ducks especially!!!! I love all of mine and so much so, I ordered four more chicks and four more ducks to arrive on March 8th!!!! Good luck with them all!!!

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