Chick Bed time Routine Story


5 Years
Mar 27, 2014
My chicks are now 6 weeks old and have been out in the coop for a little over a week. Day 1-3, we had to set them on the ladder to the henhouse to get them to go to bed. On day 4, they did it on their own! I was so proud! Now, every night, they wander up the ramp to bed around 8:15. Now my fun story:

Two nights ago we were out in the yard still working on our race car preparing for a race. (My husband races). It was getting dark and around 8:20-8:30 pm. We heard the "bed time" peeping begin and glanced over at the coop to see the some of the girls heading in for the night. Within a few minutes 7 of the 8 had gone in. One decided she was quite happy on the perch in the run and was setting there happily watching us.

This was apparently unacceptable to the rest of the girls because they all stood in the doorway peeping like crazy at her! After a minute or two, A couple came down and flew up next to her to urge her to come to bed. She continued to ignore them. Finally the rest came down and all gathered around her. For several minutes they "screamed" at her! This was extremely loud peeping. Like she was being reprimanded for not following direction. Lol!

After several minutes of every girl yelling about this, she hopped down and they all went in. One of the EE's posted herself in front of the doorway. I didn't know if she got first watch, was trying to keep the wrongdoer in or she just wanted to keep her eye on us, possibly all of the above.

My husband and I got one heck of a laugh at that. It's funny how no one seems to be left behind in a chicken flock.

Do others have stories like this?

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