Chick Behavior an indication of sex???


10 Years
Feb 5, 2013
Have 11 chicks 3 weeks old, two of the bigger ones sometimes "fight" like roosters do, jumping up with their feet out in front, sparring at each other. Is this any indication as to whether they are hens or cockerels? These two have bigger feet and are generally bigger than the other 9. They are also the only ones to come and eat out of my hand. One of them seems to kinda stand guard over the others when they are nestled down for a nap. Oh and they are either Barred Rock, or Black Austroplorps (they have changed so much in the past 3 weeks I don't know who is who any longer)
I know the question of" what do I have" is asked a thousand times and I understand you just can't know for certain until you hear crowing or see eggs but I was curious about the behavior differences. Never heard of a hen fighting like that but considering my total ignorance of all things chicken......
As you may can tell, I have never had chickens, never been around chickens, and know only what I have read in books and online. This is my first time as a "chicken momma" and even though I don't know much, I do love it.
Thanks for any input, ideas, or knowledge.
Pullets act just like cockerels at three weeks. Heck, I have a hen that fights like a rooster and lays eggs. So no, I wouldn't make any decisions about chick gender by pecking order antics.

Barred rocks and Australorps should be obviously different from hatch onward. Barred rocks have black and white bars (striping) on their feathers. Sometimes pullets will look more polka-dotted than striped. Australorps might have some white feathers at the wing tips but will feather in solid black otherwise.

There is a board here just for posting pictures and asking breed or gender questions.

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