Chick Behavior


In the Brooder
9 Years
Feb 6, 2010
So, I have 48 2 week old chicks on my GIANT brooder in my basement. I will typically go down there quietly and just watch them being themselves. While I was down there today, I noticed one of my girls freaking out. Everyone was calmly eating, drinking, or sleeping... minding their own business. Well, this one girl started running from one end of the brooder to the other, then back to the other side, then back again... over and over! I noticed that she had something in her mouth, but I couldn't see it all that well because of how frantic she was. Finally she stopped (2 minutes later), dug a hole in the shavings, and put her "treasure" into the hole. Guess what her treasure was... a shaving piece with poop all over it!!! When one of the other girls came near her and her treasure, she grabbed it out of the hole and started running again!

I'll try to get a picture of her doing this when I head back down to stalk them! I almost died laughing as she was doing this because the rest of the chicks were looking at her like "What is wrong with her!!!"


10 Years
Sep 30, 2009
Frederick County, MD
Haha, that is funny. They are so silly sometimes....actually, most all of the time.

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