chick behaviour determine sex?


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Jun 25, 2014
Two of my chicks (4 weeks old) have been 'chest bumping' like a cock fight....are both of these likely to be roos? One I'm pretty certain is for his comb development....but the secondos a wyandotte with a rose comb so no clue yet as to sex apart from this behaviour I have seen. Would a hen even do this with a roo?
You can't determine sex by behavior. I have the sweetest rooster ever, and one of my hens is the meanest thing ever. My pullets chest bump over food and space, to figure out who is top pullet in the flock. Post a pic of your birds, then we can tell you for sure if it's a girl or not
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At this age, the birds don't have the hormones to think of each other as male or female, they're all just chicks. They don't separate males from females in the pecking order until they're a couple months old, as a rule.

That said, when someone posts "this is our friendliest chick ever", that seems to be a good predictor for a cockerel
Well, I've never had any roosters personally. I HAVE had some Tom turkeys (that I didn't know the sex of) that would fight BADLY while they were barely feathered, that I ended up trying to keep them separated. I also had a friend who had some chicks, she said they did the same thing (fairly aggressive), and she ended up having at least one of them be a rooster. I want to say she had 2? It would be interesting to know.
Thanks all for your help. I'll let the chick grow up a bit more and post a picture. Its a wyandotte chick (and my only one so cant compare it) but the rose comb throws me as to determining sex (I'm fairly new to this). When I watch it just behaves very roo like to me, but I could be very wrong! We shall see!

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